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One Hangry Hallion and 2 Big Disappointments

Last weekend was a hefty one. Since January I’ve been pretty on it in terms of making it to the gym, eating mostly healthy whole foods and being vegetarian but I drank waaaay too much both Friday and Saturday nights and then made the bad food choices that go with that. It was almost like […]

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Accidental vegetarianism.

Like pretty much everyone I know January began with a groan and a whimper and a promise to stop the terrible abuse my poor body had been subjected to since December the 1st. Mainlining chocolate, baileys and prosecco doesn’t make for a healthy body or mind (well, not when you do it for a whole […]

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Pearl Barley Risotto

Pearl barley risotto is tremendous. I actually think I prefer it to rice risotto and it’s definitely a lot lighter and healthier. Obviously you can adapt this recipe, just leave out the bacon, and ham and replace the chicken stock with veg stock to make it veggie, it’s totally grand with just the butternut squash. […]

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Pasta la vista

It’s no surprise that, as a massive grubber, I’ve been to Italy several times. The land of pizza, pasta and ice cream holds great sway over those of us who like to spend our holidays basking in sunshine, looking at beautiful scenery and stuffing delicious food into our mouths. We were staying in an incredibly […]

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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh Hi – Strathspey Safari

It’s true that the best weekends always take the longest to recover from and that’s why it’s Wednesday and I still feel like a badger’s bum hole. But WHAT A WEEKEND. It was the Insider Strathspey Safari, those who’ve been to Insider festival at Inshriach will know just how relaxed, fun and friendly it is, […]

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Es schmeckt sehr gut – BERLIN

Ooft, just back from a short break in Berlin and have fallen absolutely IN LOVE with the city. We stayed in Kreuzberg, in this ridiculously pimp loft apartment for ten people, it was so big it came with it’s own scooter and fussball table and was surrounded on all sides by excellent, cheap places to […]

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The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore – Review

I grew up in Kingussie and our teenage stomping ground extended up to Aviemore at the weekends. We would hang around the run down, faded, breeze block centre trying to sneak into Crofters, Aviemore’s ultimate NiteSpot so we could drink cider and kiss snowboarders. It had sticky carpets, eagle eyed bouncers and smelt of cider […]

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