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Pasta la vista

It’s no surprise that, as a massive grubber, I’ve been to Italy several times. The land of pizza, pasta and ice cream holds great sway over those of us who like to spend our holidays basking in sunshine, looking at beautiful scenery and stuffing delicious food into our mouths. We were staying in an incredibly […]

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Let’s Eat Glasgow

Saturday was a Good Day. A Very Good Day. We set out for Let’s Eat Glasgow at SWG3 in Finnieston with relatively few expectations, we got there early, having had no breakfast and I fully expected to be home after an hour or so. Instead we ended up staying till after 5pm, filling our boots, […]

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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh Hi – Strathspey Safari

It’s true that the best weekends always take the longest to recover from and that’s why it’s Wednesday and I still feel like a badger’s bum hole. But WHAT A WEEKEND. It was the Insider Strathspey Safari, those who’ve been to Insider festival at Inshriach will know just how relaxed, fun and friendly it is, […]

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The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore – Review

I grew up in Kingussie and our teenage stomping ground extended up to Aviemore at the weekends. We would hang around the run down, faded, breeze block centre trying to sneak into Crofters, Aviemore’s ultimate NiteSpot so we could drink cider and kiss snowboarders. It had sticky carpets, eagle eyed bouncers and smelt of cider […]

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Gnocchi with butternut squash

Stravaigin – Review

I can’t afford to buy a house. Partly because I’m a self employed, first time buyer who’s much better at spending money on holographic pictures of cats than at saving it (and who has a spare couple of hundred grand lying around anyway?) But mostly it’s because I refuse to leave the West End. Every […]

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Gleneagles, a super fancy celebration

They’ve got valet parking at Gleneagles. I know this fact because when we arrived at Gleneagles we actually got them to valet park our manky Honda Jazz with a broken boot. I like to think the guy that was parking it enjoyed the challenge of driving a car that wasn’t a 4×4 or a Mercedes. […]

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Burger Meats Bun Meat Up

Burger Meats Bun Glasgow Meat Up

I don’t usually go out on a Monday.  Mondays are generally for fast days and gym trips and then watching endless episodes of whatever Netflix box set we’re firing through in our pyjamas.  Not this Monday though, this Monday was about brewing and distilling at one of Burger Meats Bun’s Meat Ups.  This was my […]

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Ox and Finch

Ox and Finch – A Love Note

I feel the need to confess something here.  This isn’t my first visit to Ox and Finch.  It’s not even the third time I’ve been.  IT’S THE FIFTH.  I’m a decadent, greedy hallion that likes to fill her boots with delicious foods and I would venture the statement that nobody in Glasgow is in a […]

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Monachyle Mhor, destination restaurant  and boutique hotel with the best views

Monachyle Mhor – Review

The Boy and I have been milking our anniversary.  There was a steak dinner last weekend at Porter and Rye and this week we cashed in an Itison voucher I’d bought to stave off the winter blues and headed North to Monachyle Mhor for a wee break.  I’d heard great things about this little pink […]

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The well hung fridge of meat

Porter and Rye – Steak the Size of Your Head

The boy and I celebrated a year of knowing each other at the weekend and decided to do it in style at Porter and Rye, the newest and meatiest eatery to hit the Finnieston Strip. Decor wise it’s got the same classy feel and excellent use of space as Crabshakk, with a bar, a few […]

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