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The well hung fridge of meat

Porter and Rye – Steak the Size of Your Head

The boy and I celebrated a year of knowing each other at the weekend and decided to do it in style at Porter and Rye, the newest and meatiest eatery to hit the Finnieston Strip.

Decor wise it’s got the same classy feel and excellent use of space as Crabshakk, with a bar, a few tables and those fridges full of a couple of coos worth of raw meat downstairs.  Upstairs, where we were seated, are more tables, all quite close together but organised well enough that it didn’t matter.  The decor is tasteful with muted colours, lots of wood, a comfortable feel and a couple of really interesting features like the fridges and the giant cow mosaic on the wall.  My only slight problem with the decor was that our table was slightly too small for all the food we tried to put on it when the main course arrived!

Porter & Rye, Glasgow

Both of the waitresses we had were super attentive with excellent chat, when we told them it was our anniversary we were presented with a couple of glasses of prosecco.  Class.  We also drank a vat of incredibly tasty red wine and a hendricks gin which was just an extra slice of cucumber away from perfection.

Then came the food.  Woah.

Pan fried king scallops with citrus beetroot tartare, seaeweed and scallop roe salt, lemon foam and grapefruit gel

We both went for the scallops first.  At £14.95 it was the most I’ve ever paid for a starter, usually The Boy and I would get 2 different dishes and share but we were both so keen on the sound of this we knew we wouldn’t want to share.   It was one of the best scallop dishes I’ve ever tasted, the scallops were sweet, plump and perfectly cooked, just the right side of translucent and were perfectly complimented by the citrus beetroot tartare.  Actually, my mouth’s watering just thinking about it now.  YUM.

The 17oz cote du boef special.

Then it was time for the main event.  Our waitress brought over a couple of chalk boards, one with the steak prices for the day on it and the other with the specials.  A quick note here is that this place is not for those who aren’t keen on red meat, all the main courses are different cuts of steak guaranteed to bump your iron levels right up.  The cote du boef special was recommended to us and we opted for the 17 oz size.  When it arrived it was perfectly cooked, medium rare, juicy and tender and pink, the size of my head and carved beautifully off the bone into little slices of heaven.  We plumped for three side orders, truffle salt fries (savoury and crisp), winter roasted root vegetables (buttery and rich) and charred beetroot (very well cooked earthy mouthfuls of joy) and went for smoked garlic and pink peppercorn butter and the house sauce (one of the best diane sauces I’ve had) to slather the steak in.   I don’t eat a massive amount of red meat generally so this felt like a real treat.  And it was tremendous.  The Boy ate so much meat he started sweating.  And I wish you’d seen the excitement on his face when they brought a block of steak knives to choose from.  Obviously he chose the biggest one…

Blackberry parfait with honeycomb and Granny Smith sponge


Despite the meat sweats we decided there was room for pudding, different stomach and all that, The Boy opted for the slightly lighter option of blackberry parfait which came with honeycomb and apple sponge and I actually preferred it to the dark chocolate mousse I’d ordered which was lacking a little bit of depth.

Dark chocolate mousse, clementine sorbet, burnt orange puree and hazlenut praline.

We rounded off the evening with a couple of coffees and finished our wine before rolling home, stuffed to the gunnels.

Look, this was expensive, the most I’ve paid for a meal out in Glasgow in a long time; for 3 courses plus coffee, a couple of glasses of wine, a gin and tonic each and service it came to about £180.  But for a special occasion like an anniversary I’d say it’s worth splashing out on.  They’ve nailed the concept, this is high end beef done very well but in relaxed enough surroundings for everyone to feel comfortable.  Dae it.