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Peanut Butter Bliss Balls

Sometimes you just need something sweet. And if you’re trying to be healthy those moments can be your undoing, suddenly you’re tongue deep in a mars bar, hiding snicker bar wrappers under the bed or consuming full jars of nutella using your finger as a spoon. That’s where these come in, they’re are unbelievably delicious, give you energy and don’t have any refined sugar or nasty stuff in them. The only thing you need to watch is that it’s all too easy to polish off a pile of them at one sitting and they’re not very low in calories.

The good thing about these is that you can add and subtract things according to your own personal taste. I would also say really don’t stress about quantities, I never measure the ingredients out, I just add bits and pieces of stuff till it looks like a decent mix.

2 tbl sp oats
3 tbl sp peanut butter (smooth or crunchy, doesn’t matter)
2 tbl sp Maple syrup or agave syrup
2 tbl sp Cacoa powder or dark cocoa powder
Dessicated unsweetened coconut to roll in

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and then squish them together so they form one big, slightly sticky ball. You need it to be a bit sticky so if it feels too dry add more syrup and if it’s way too loose add more oats.


Sorry about the slightly disgusting photo but it should give you a general idea of how it should look.

Put the coconut onto a wee plate, pinch off little pieces of mixture and roll them into balls (it’s up to you whether you prefer a bigger or a smaller ball) and then roll them around until they’re coated in coconut.


Put them into a tupperware box and then store them in the freezer. Keeping them that cold means they don’t go too squishy and stay nice and cold and solid.

Don’t feel confined to just those ingredients either, add in whatever you like, goji berries, dried fruit, nuts, almond butter, just experiment until you find a combo you like.

Happy bliss ball eating.