One Hungry Hallion

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One Hangry Hallion and 2 Big Disappointments

Last weekend was a hefty one. Since January I’ve been pretty on it in terms of making it to the gym, eating mostly healthy whole foods and being vegetarian but I drank waaaay too much both Friday and Saturday nights and then made the bad food choices that go with that. It was almost like a higher power stepped in though and made both choices so disgusting I didn’t actually want to eat them.

First up was a burger from new place Chequers which is on Great Western Road. It looks a bit like an American diner and the menu is mostly burgers, fries, mac and cheese and cocktails. We both ordered the cheese and bacon burger with a portion of mac and cheese and some skinny fries to share. First of all the burger took aaaages, we were trying to get to another pub in time to watch the rugby and didn’t make it for the start at all. We waited 25 minutes without an explanation, nobody else in the place was eating. Then, when it arrived, Euan’s bun was burnt black but we were so late we couldn’t risk sending it back. The bacon looked like it had just come off the grill at a greasy spoon, all grey and flabby but a bit burnt and the patty was a disaster. It fell apart almost immediately and was then just basically a pile of mince in a roll. I ate about half and gave up. Luckily the mac and cheese and fries were way better.

When I was paying the waitress asked if everything had been OK. I explained what the problems were, gestured to the pile of mince on the plate and they said thanks for the feedback but didn’t take anything off the bill. Not great customer service, I feel like if you’re a new place and someone clearly hasn’t eaten most of their meal and then tells you what was wrong with it you really should make some kind of gesture, to be honest if they’d taken my meal off the bill I probably wouldn’t have written this review of them. I really don’t like slating a new place but if you’re selling yourself as an American style diner in a town saturated with incredible burgers you need to make sure you’re getting yours right and this was so far from right.

After round two of drinking Sunday was definitely a couch day. I am far too old to do two nights on a row these days and so piles of carbs were needed to get me through. We went on Deliveroo, planning to get a Juice Garden, but were really taken by the menu for Roasters, a wee deli up in Partick. We ordered a couple of sandwiches, the classic poutine (Canadian fries with gravy and cheese curd) and some bacon cheese fries. The first disappointment was that we had actually only ordered one sandwich, the beef brisket which was fine. Nothing to write home about but not terrible.


Both fries, however, were inedible. Pale, wadgy and woefully undercooked. I was hungover and hangry and this cruel carb deprivation almost pushed me over the edge. I got onto deliveroo instant messenger and chatted to a lovely lady who assured me that they would contact the deli and see about a refund. That was over a week ago and nothing has come of it. The Boy was a wonderful human and went and got me a chorizo and mozzarella melt from Il Cappuccino which is reliably brilliant and I wish we had just done that in the first place.

I’m not a big fan of not saying nice things about places on this blog but because I tried telling both at the time and they didn’t do anything to make it right and because both came at a time of great hangover vulnerability it feels like something that needed done. One thing I do know is that it’s straight back to the vegetarianism to avoid meat-based disappointment.