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Mexican Chicken Wrap Recipe with Salsa and Guacamole

Had a wee yen for something vaguely Mexican yesterday as it was Cinco de Mayo so decided to make a single wrap rather than going for the usual fajitas (too easy to eat too many). I love the salsa, guacamole combo and these are my take on them.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2)

Lime and Coriander Marinated Chicken

2 chicken breasts
The zest and juice of 1 lime
1 tsp coriander seeds crushed
Half a chilli deseeded and chopped finely
2 cloves of garlic crushed
1 tsp paprika
Salt and pepper
1 tsp cumin


A punnet of on the vine cherry tomatoes chopped into quarters
Half a small can of sweetcorn
A couple of radishes, thinly sliced
Half a red onion really finely chopped
The juice of half a lime
The leaves from a small bunch of coriander chopped finely
Salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar to taste


2 small ripe avocados
The juice of half a lime
The leaves from a small bunch of coriander chopped finely
1 tsp half fat creme fraiche
2 spring onions finely chopped

2 large white wraps.

Chop the chicken into bite sized pieces and put them in a ziplock bag. Mix together all the marinade ingredients in a bowl and then pour into the ziplock bag with the chicken. Squish the bag until the marinade covers all the chicken and then put it into the fridge for at least half an hour.

Meanwhile make the salsa and guacamole. With the salsa mix all the ingredients in a bowl with some seasoning checking the taste as you go along. You might need to add a wee sprinkling of sugar if it’s too tart. You can also mix it up – I use any of the following in any combination in salsa
red, orange or yellow peppers
spring onion
red onion

Cover and put in the fridge when it’s made.


To make the guacamole mash the avocados with a fork and add all the other ingredients, again checking the balance of flavours as you go along. You can, of course, use soured cream instead of half fat creme fraiche. You can also omit the spring onions and add chillis if you like.

Take the chicken out of the pan and heat a griddle or non stick frying pan over a medium heat then fry until golden brown and caramelised on both sides.


Heat a large, dry frying pan over a high heat and quickly heat your big wraps on either side.


Assemble by putting guacamole, salsa, chicken and some grated half fat cheddar into the middle of the wraps, fold the ends into the middle and then roll over from one end to the other. Put them back in the pan with the seam of the roll facing down, this should seal it a bit and make the wrap hold together. Turn it over to crisp up the other side of the wrap a bit too.

Take out and serve with a big salad. Should come in about 600 calories.