One Hungry Hallion

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2015-01-31 12.16.44

One Hungry Hallion’s Hungover Huevos

I woke up yesterday looking like a thumb with a wig on and feeling like a monkey with a miniature cymbal had taken up residency inside my head thanks to a hefty night out at Celtic Connections.  Eggs were the only answer.  I’m lucky enough to live round the corner from Cottonrake bakery (though I’m not sure my waistline would call it lucky) and their sourdough is a regular weekend staple in our house, they often do really good flavoured sourdoughs and on offer today was a sun dried tomato and olive oil one.  I toasted that under the grill, fried off half an onion and half a yellow pepper in some coconut oil, added a couple of eggs and served the whole lot with avocado and cherry tomatoes from Roots and Fruits on the side.  Hangover gone.

Huevos Huevos