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Burger Meats Bun Meat Up

Burger Meats Bun Glasgow Meat Up

I don’t usually go out on a Monday.  Mondays are generally for fast days and gym trips and then watching endless episodes of whatever Netflix box set we’re firing through in our pyjamas.  Not this Monday though, this Monday was about brewing and distilling at one of Burger Meats Bun’s Meat Ups.  This was my first visit to BMB but I’d heard good things about the food and about the Meat Ups specifically.  And I was definitely glad I clambered out of my Jammies and ventured out.  Please excuse the bad picture quality, had some camera issues so had to use the I phone.

Burger Meats Bun has a relaxed feel to it, the walls are decorated with fun cartoon pictures of burgers and all the staff are super lovely, like properly friendly and knowledgeable about the food. As with a lot of modern burger joints the food is served in wrappers or boxes with a handy spool of kitchen roll for mopping up when you inevitably sauce up your face.

Burger Meats Bun Meat Up Menu


First up was a fresh, tart Edinburgh gin and grapefruit bitters.

Edinburgh gin, tonic and grapefruit bitters


This came with a super pretty starter of pickled herring with pink grapefruit, slivers of pickled vegetables and a surprisingly spicy wee deviled quail egg.

Pickled herring, pink grapefruit, deviled quail egg and pickles

This was delicate, light, refreshing and pretty and went perfectly with the pink grapefruit tinged gin. It was a far fancier starter than I’d ever expect to be served in a box and, luckily, tasted as good as it looked.

Next up was a flight of 3 West Beers, I know nothing about beer but I think we had a lighter lager, an unfiltered St Mungo type and a darker brown stout. I’m more of a cider girl but actually really enjoyed the two lighter beers.

Flight of West beers

Alongside the beer came Smokin’ Bacon. A steak burger with burnt onion, rarebit and bacon jam.

Smokin' Bacon burger

I’ve been sort of aff the burgers recently, too much of a good thing and all that but I was glad to fall of the wagon and onto this smokey, meaty bit of goodness. It held together really well from first bite to last, the burger itself was perfectly cooked and I thought the toppings were just bang on. Savoury rarebit for that cheesy hit and the rich, deep, meaty notes from the bacon jam and burnt onions.

Served with it were a couple of potato fritters with garlic mayo and a bit of fun with a shaker containing salt and vinegar mixed together in powder form.

Potato fritters

These had a bit more tattie and a bit less batter than you get in the chippy but tasted just as good and were a welcome alternative to fries. I loved the fun little salt and vinegar shaker and the powder was great with the fritters.

After two courses and the beers we were both stuffed to the gunnels, dessert seemed like a pipe dream. And then they brought out an old fashioned cocktail and a slab of bread and butter pudding with soaked raisins through it, little cubes of alcoholic jelly and BEETROOT MOUSSE.

Bread and Butter pudding with beetroot mousse

The beetroot mousse was utterly delicious. I’m sort of obsessed with beetroot right now and, other than overwhelmed by a cake, I hadn’t had it in a dessert. The bread and butter pudding was one of the lightest I’ve had and the mousse was the perfect accompaniment, creamy and sweet but just with a slight hint of earthiness.

I’m so glad I hauled myself out of my pjs on a Monday and headed along to the Meat Up, we left feeling full, happy and decadent and I’ll definitely be back to Burger Meats Bun again to try their normal menu.

8/10 Hallion points.